3 Most Important Web Tips ( H Tags, Images and Color )

Jul 15, 2016 | Blog |


by http://www.niteskape.com/

There are hundreds of different aspects when it comes to designing a web site. A designer is often focused on getting through the entire checklist before the final review and launch of a design. However, there are only 3 things that a designer must emphasize on and truly spend the time to fix when designing a website. These three things may seem simple, but it’s unbelievable ironic how most people ignore the simplest things because they think that they are just basic and won’t have as much of an impact as they truly do have and proven to have.
These three simple things that we will discuss below will have a tremendous effect on SEO, a websites speed and a viewers desire to stay longer on a website versus exiting the website.

3 Top Web Tips


During the process of web designing, once you are finished with the main CSS design part (which may always seem never ending) there is a time where you will shift focus on placing content into specific portions of your website. Now from the start, a web designer must make a habit of correctly tagging each portion of the website. This will allow a web designer to ultimately finish the site faster, but also this is great for Seo.

Benefit of H Tags:

First Benefit: H Tags that are optimized correctly will have a great impact on your web visibility ranks.
Second Benefit: H Tags that are placed in the correct order will also allow a website viewer to know what is in your website from most important to least. A website viewer will often read the first title of your website and judge if they are on the desired site by just that.

Image Reducing

We can all agree that images are beautiful. A web design needs to have quality images in order to truly live up to its profession and having a professional look for its web viewers. The one problem here that can be easily resolved as you will see below is that a great image has great quality and will ultimately lead to a Great kb or mb size. Having heavy images on website can cause a site to slow down. We all cut flash off for a reason ( although not having anything to do with images), but for the pure cause that a web designs major goal needs to be speeding up its page. Quality images can look great, but they can be a barrier. So a quick solution to lower an images size can be reducing an images kb by compression or resizing your image. Reducing kb by compression is one of the most preferred methods. This method is most preferred because it prevents a person from cropping their image to reduce its size and rather leave it whole as is.

Benefit of Image Size Reduction:

First Benefit: Reducing the size of your images will increase the speed of your web page.

Second Benefit: With each year that passes by us, The internet standard changes. The standard speed of a web page load time gets even smaller. A web viewer will ultimately stay longer on a web page that doesn’t take forever to load versus one that does. So in other words, a faster load speed also ensures that your new web visitor will stay on your page and not revert back to google’s search results and go to someone else. Decreasing a websites bounce rate is always a plus!


Color is a very important part of web design. Grasping company essence can be done through color. Color is what a website visitor visually sees when entering your site. Color speaks very loudly to the mind. Having the correct tone of color can bring on any selected mood. Having at least 2 – 4 color shades for a website is most recommended.

Benefit of Color Selection:

First Benefit: A visually appealing website is something to be proud of!
Second Benefit: As said before, colors can speak to the brain. Using colors to your advantage will allow you as a designer to ultimately show a web visitor what your company means and the personality of your company through the tone of color you set in your web design.

These 3 things above are very important when it comes to websites. Make sure to make these 3 things an important part that you truly focus on when designing